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State Mandates & Health Care

2009 August 5


I just received an interesting e-mail from BreakTheMatrix that had some information I thought I would share with you.

Find Out What You Are Paying For (And Don’t Need)

State mandates for health insurance are a major factor in the high cost of coverage.  I did some research to find out what exactly I’m paying for in my state.  You won’t believe some of the things I found… find out the mandates for YOUR state here.

There are 2133 state mandates (Minnesota has 68 mandates) that are responsible for 20-50% of health insurance premium costs.  Please help spread the word that reducing these mandates is a valid way to “reform” healthcare and make it more affordable for millions… instead of spending TRILLIONS of dollars on a bloated, bureaucracy-laden, anti-freedom plan that WON’T WORK.  There ARE alternatives… we just need to force Congress to consider them!

The most common state mandates:
Alcoholism/substance abuse treatment
Breast reconstruction
Diabetic supplies
Emergency services
Maternity minimum stay
Mental health parity
Source: Council for Affordable Health Insurance

Unusual mandates:
Athletic trainer
Hair prosthesis
Oriental medicine
Pastoral counseling
Port wine stain elimination (birthmark removal)
Residential crisis service
Source: Council for Affordable Health Insurance

So… maybe there’s a good reason for these mandates?


J.P. Wieske, director of state affairs for the Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI), says “For state legislators, [mandates are] used as a special interest tool to reward lobbyists with a specific mandate and let someone else pay for it”

So, I have a question for Congress and President Obama: Can any of you tell me why this isn’t being discussed as part of your health care reform plan?

It seems pretty logical to me: Don’t make people pay for coverage they don’t need, then when premiums are significantly lower, won’t millions more Americans be able to afford healthcare?

To see the full article, Please Click Here

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