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Health Care Tele-Town Hall Meeting w/ Senator Amy Klobuchar on Sunday, August 23rd at 7:00pm!!!

2009 August 19


****Sunday, August 23rd, 7:00pm****

Health Care Tele-Town Hall Meeting w/ Senator Amy Klobuchar

Here is your chance to speak up about health care reform! Senator Amy Klobuchar is hosting a live state-wide Health Care Tele-Town Hall Meeting. Some Democrats are opting to hold conference calls over public meetings with constituents. I wonder why? She will be joined by Dr. Denis Cortese, CEO of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and Mary Wakefield, the highest ranking nurse in the federal government. The three of them will discuss the need for health care reform, including ways to make the American health care system more affordable and more stable. Then, they will answer YOUR questions!

IF you would like to participate, you must REGISTER! The deadline for registering is Friday at 12:00pm. After you register, you will receive an automated reminder phone call on Friday evening and then you will be called again on Sunday to be joined to the meeting.


It is time to act! Let your senator know what you think about health care reform!

If you have questions, please call 1-888-224-9043.


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