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Global Warming E-mails

2009 November 28

The global warming debate has become an even bigger issue since e-mails were hacked from a major British research center and posted to the internet. These e-mails suggest that certain scientists have been twisting the “evidence” of global warming to their advantage and deceiving the public to provide phony research to help politicians pass more legislation and increase government control. In light of these e-mails, it is very difficult to see the U.S. proceed in attending Copenhagen in December. The Copenhagen Treaty has the potential to do great damage economically to many countries, including the United States.

The video below is of Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute being intervied by Allen Barton of PJ TV. Myron Ebell is the director of energy and global warming policy at CEI. He also serves as director of Freedom Action, a web-based grassroots activist organization and chairs Cooler Heads Coalition, which is made up of over two dozen non-profit in this country and abroad that question global warming alarmists and oppose energy rationing policies. I found this video on our friends’ Conservatives For Change blog.


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