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Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

2009 December 16

On December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party ignited a revolution. Today, a new generation of patriots has emerged.

This new generation is standing against out of control taxation and spending, along with corrupt career politicians, government expansion, abuse of power, the destruction of freedom and liberty, and the shredding of our Constitution.

Please, on this very important anniversary in our country’s history,  support candidates with real integrity and encourage your candidates and elected officials to allow free markets to exist unhindered and restore the Constitution. The aims of our elected officials should be:

– to not institute any legislation which they have not read.

– to not initiate new programs, but to cancel out any programs that do violence to the Constitution.

– not to first discover if whether legislation is needed, but to first determined that it is constitutional.

– to uphold their oaths in office to protect the rights of the people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Then, if they are later accused of neglecting the interest of their constituents, they can reply that they were informed that our chief interest is liberty and that in that cause, they are doing the best they can.

Contact your elected officials today and remind them of the Boston Tea Party and the importance of freedom and liberty. Warn them that if they continue to ignore the constitution of this country and the people who stand for it, they will not be in office very long.

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