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California Faculty Association

2010 January 7

Today, while I was perusing my favorite conservative blogs, I came across an article on Conservatives for Change that really stuck out to me.  With Minnesota being a union state, I think it is important to learn what unions can do. Last week I posted a video on our Facebook page about unions and government bureaucracy destroying Detroit. Now, I will be posting about teachers unions and what they can do, specifically the California Faculty Association. I will describe the article, originally posted on American Thinker, then post a link to it below.

Now, 22 states have Right to Work laws to ensure that employees can decide whether to join or financially support a union. Other states, like California, require monthly union dues as a condition of employment when the union is deemed the exclusive bargaining representative. In other words, dues are automatically deducted from a worker’s paycheck by their employer even if they are not a member of the union the company works with.  The thinking here is that anyone who gains from the union bargaining should help pay for the union’s efforts.

However, the CFA (just like other unions) uses these compulsory dues for political lobbying, donating to political campaigns and issuing political resolutions, instead of the using the dues for its legal mission of collective bargaining and representation of employees. The CFA even passed a resolution (unanimously adopted by the CFA Board of Directors) called “CFA Call for a Halt to Violence Against All Civilians in Palestine and Israel”. Now what does this have to do with working conditions in California? What does this have to do with our educational system in general? What else have unions like CFA been up to?

Read more at American Thinker

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