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Obama to Reveal Health Law Enforcement Details

2010 June 22

Will we finally find out how the Obama administration plans to enforce this unconstitutional catastrophe?


From Fox News:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is revealing details of how the government will enforce the health overhaul law, an announcement expected to focus on how insurance companies must treat consumers.
Administration officials were meeting privately Tuesday at the White House with insurance company CEOs and state insurance commissioners, the White House said in a written statement, with Obama expected to attend at least part of the session. The president was then expected to announce regulations for implementing consumer safeguards enacted by the law, according to administration allies who were briefed in advance and spoke on condition of anonymity.
The events mark 90 days since Obama signed the health revamp into law, one of his administration’s chief victories so far.
The law’s consumer safeguards, called the patients’ bill of rights, are limited steps that take effect this year. The main provisions, including federal funding

to help 32 million uninsured people get coverage, won’t come until 2014. The administration worries that escalating premiums will force more people drop their policies before the law is fully implemented.

Consumers who buy their policies directly face increases averaging 20 percent this year, according to a survey released Monday by the private Kaiser Family Foundation. Although most Americans are covered on the job, about 14 million purchase insurance on the individual market and have the least bargaining power when it comes to costs.

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