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Justice in Minnesota

2010 August 20

All to often, the elections that receive the most attention in the state of Minnesota are those for legislative positions and also the Governor’s race, while little attention is paid to the judicial elections. Three branches of government are required to maintain the balance and separation of powers and we must start paying equal attention to the activities of each. Who we elect to the judiciary is just as important as who we elect to the House of Representatives, Senate and Governor. We have three outstanding judicial candidates this year that have been working non-stop to increase awareness of the importance of judicial elections and exposing the dangers of Merit Selection and Retention Elections bill.

Greg Wersal (Supreme Court)

Tim Tinglestad

Dan Griffith

These three candidates have been doing everything they can to educate the public on the importance of the judicial elections, including holding conference calls open to the public on Sunday evenings. Justice in Minnesota is a nonpartisan, citizen driven effort to restore our judicial branch of government and is sponsoring and moderating these conference calls. I encourage everyone to join in on the next conference call to hear these fantastic candidates, along with other guest speakers  The next Judicial Candidate conference call will be held this Sunday, August 22nd at 7:00pm. Join the call by dialing 219-509-811, access code 501618#. Press *6 to mute and unmute.

 Chris Penwell

Local candidate Chris Penwell (Republican-endorsed), running for the 10th Judicial District, is another candidate who is determined to uphold the rights of the people.  After the 10th district was embroiled in controversy earlier this year, it is good to see a quality and experienced candidate like Mr. Penwell standing out from the crowd of over 20 people vying for the position. Be sure to check out Mr. Penwell’s website for more information. The 10th Judicial District covers 8 counties, including Washington County.

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