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Rep. Bob Dettmer: Minnesota Classrooms Benefit from Improved Budget Outlook

2012 December 28


Representative Bob Dettmer (SD39A)

Representative Bob Dettmer (SD39A)


St. Paul- Minnesota classrooms will see dollars sooner than expected because of responsible budgeting by Republican legislative majorities. Through prioritized spending and without increasing the tax burden on hardworking Minnesotans, Republicans turned a $6.2 billion projected budget deficit into a $2.5 billion budget surplus for 2012-13.

A portion of those surplus funds immediately went toward replenishing the state’s cash flow and budget reserve accounts. The remaining $1.6 billion in surplus funds paid off the school shift that was part of the 2011 budget compromise and is beginning to pay back the debt to schools borrowed by the DFL in 2010. School districts received a scheduled payment on December 15th and will receive another payment today, Friday, December 28th.

“The hard work is starting to pay off! I’m pleased that our efforts to encourage job creation and economic growth in Minnesota are now allowing us to pay back schools earlier than anticipated. Minnesota classrooms and our students benefit from today’s improved budget outlook,” said Rep. Bob Dettmer (R-Forest Lake).

School districts in Rep. Dettmer’s area will receive the following amounts from the most recent $1.3 billion in school shift payback:

Chisago Lakes School District $4,595,658

Franconia Public School District $39,039

Forest Lake Public School District $8,986,307

Stillwater Area Public School District $11,454,499

The shift payback amounts will be included in the regularly scheduled payments from the state beginning with the December 15, 2012 payment through June 2013.

“We’ve made significant progress but we can’t stop now. Republicans were able to find solutions for Minnesota’s budget issues without turning to the taxpayer for more money. I hope Governor Dayton and Democrat lawmakers will work with us to continue on a path of economic recovery without increasing the burden on Minnesota families and job creators,” concluded Rep. Dettmer.

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