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September meeting recap

2013 September 16
by WCR President Linda Stanton

This past Saturday (9/14/13) was the first meeting with the new leadership team. We are very excited to continue the fine work of the previous leadership of bringing excellent speakers, education, and legislative up-dates to our members.

This meeting was no exception.  Our guest was Bill Glahn, former Deputy Commerce Commissioner during the Pawlenty Administration.  Mr. Glahn, who had run for a House seat in 49A (Edina) in 2012,  has done fine work in exposing the money trail of the left.  The amount of money that has been flowing to influence Minnesota politics from outside the state is staggering.  Democrats and their affiliates have used 501(c)3s, 4s, & PACs to fund various causes and yet conceal where the money has come from.  Outside money was instrumental to help fund groups such as Alliance for a Better Minnesota, WIN Minnesota, and Take Action.  This lead to the  defeat of the ballot initiatives of the 2012 election:  Marriage Amendment & Voter ID.  It also had an mpact on some of the local legislative races.

One has to wonder why people outside of Minnesota would feel the need to influence Minnesota’s local elections.  And thanks to the work of Bill Glahn, we are starting see just how extensive it is. 

Please visit Mr. Glahn’s website for further informaion:

Brian Marum

WCR President






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