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WCR Meetting – 10/12/13

2013 October 14
by WCR President Linda Stanton

The WCR meeting for October featured 2 CD 6 candidates.  As you will recall, this seat is now open due to Michele Bauchmann declining to run again in 2014.  The two candidates that spoke at WCR were Phil Krinkie and Rhonda Sivarahja. 

Ms.Sivarahja, who is an Anoka County Commissioner, focused on her experience and success as a county commissioner.  She has an excellent track record of accomplishment at Anoka County and believes she can bring her common sense approach to Washington and be effective.  Mr. Krinkie stressed his business experience and his 16 years as a state House legislator to make his case as the better candidate in the race.  Both conveyed a concern for the future regarding the debt and dysfunction in Washington, thus being the motivating force to run for this seat. 

Some local issues were also discussed.  Transportation is a key issue affecting the area.  The group was informed of a forum  scheduled for October 29th at the Woodbury Library (6pm to 830pm) to discuss the Gateway Corridor (east metro transit plan).  Also, there was a discussion on the school board election and the importance of getting out to vote. 

Finally, a brief discussion took place on the Destination Medical Cener.  This is a newly formed corporation (public/private partnership) that is to provide infrastructure to the Mayo Clinic and Rochester.  This became law during the 2013 legislative session. Funding for this organization will consist of money coming from  Rochester and Olmstead County, who will now be given the power to impose special taxes on its citizens, along with private money provided by the clinic itself.    The taxes would not be imposed by vote from the  citizenry, but rather by ordinance or resolution.  The legislation for this development put the total  cost at $400 million.  What is most alarming about this new organization is how little media attention it received.  But it illustrates the cozy relationship of Minnesota’s private institutions and state government.

Next month’s meeting will be held 11/9/13.  The featured speaker will be Keith Downey (MN GOP Chair).

Brian Marum



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