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WCR Meeting – 11/09/13

2013 November 12
by WCR President Linda Stanton

WCR held its November meeting  this past Saturday.  We were privileged to have the chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, Keith Downey,  join us.  Mr. Downey spoke on the state of the party and the changes that have occurred since he took charge.  The state of the party’s finances was a considerable part of the discussion.  Mr. Downey assured the group that the debt has been dramatically reduced and controls and systems are being implemented to ensure financial stability in the future.

Another important aspect of the discussion was the recognition of the many factions within the party.  The important thing Mr. Downey wanted us to take away was that we should take our energy and direct it toward winning elections and defeating Democrats, not engage in internal squabbles.  He also talked about the importance of activism at the local level through BPOUs and organizations like WCR.

Also in attendance was Deputy Chair Kelly Fenton.  She spoke briefly on what the party is doing about voter identification and particularly on how it is being improved.

Representative Kathy Lohmer also joined us.  She spoke of the up-coming legislative session.  She highlighted some of the bills that may be pushed forth by the Democrat-controlled legislature.  The list includes raising the minimum wage & an anti-bullying bill.  The anti-bullying bill is of particular concern since it will be a usurpation of local control (most schools already had anti-bullying policies) to the state.

The next meeting for WCR will be January 11, 2014.  Guest speaker will be Katherine Kersten from the Center of the American Experiment as well as a writer for the Star Tribune.  Her topic will be on the Met Council.  WCR is very excited to have Ms. Kersten join us and discuss such an important topic.  Please consider joining us for this important discussion.

Please note WCR does not meet during the month of December.  We wish everyone a happy holiday season and look forward  to the new year!


Brian Marum

WCR President








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