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Final meeting of 2013-2014 season (June 14th)

2014 June 14
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Today was the final meeting for the 2013 – 2014 season for WCR.  The meeting schedule will resume in September.

The meeting today featured CD4 candidate Sharna Walhgren and RNC Committeewoman Janet Beihoffer.  Sharna spoke about her campaign and what she thinks it will take to win the seat.  She expressed great enthusiasm and confidence that this election cycle is a year in which Republicans can make great inroads in CD4.  She feels her hometown roots and background are well suited to represent the people of CD4 in Washington.  Sharna illustrated the detachment  of the current CD4 representative from serious issues by sharing with the group her support for changing the name of the football team in Washington DC, all the while the country is in an economic situation that is not creating jobs.

Job growth and an expanding economy were key points of Sharna’s message today.  She emphasized the need to reduce the regulatory and tax burden on businesses to get the economy moving again.

Janet Beihoffer presented to  the group the history of her involvement into politics and how she became a key person in election integrity such as being  instrumental in getting pol watchers assigned to poling stations in past elections.  She said her sales and marketing background has been helpful in viewing the election process differently, seeing it as more of a sales process than as an election cycle . She gave us a recap on the state party which is better off financially and it has done a better job with data collection and the use of modern technology.  Nationally, the party has opened 137 offices in various parts of the country for the up-coming election cycle.

Representative Kathy Lohmer gave a legislative re-cap on the recently ended session.  Despite being in the minority, the Republicans were able to have some success this session particularly in the area of gun rights.  The Republicans were able to thwart nearly all attempts by Democrats to push more gun control legislation.

The next WRC meeting will be 9/13/14.  It has been a fun and enjoyable first year for the leadership team.  We look forward to resuming our schedule in the fall with more great speakers.

Have a great summer!

Brian Marum


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