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Straw Poll -Cruz Wins!!!

2016 February 14
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Presidential Straw Poll results from Sat. Feb. 13: Ted Cruz with 15 out of 31 votes and Trump 2nd with 6 votes, and Rubio 3rd with 5 votes (Carson got 3 votes and Kasich 2 votes).

Many thanks to Andy Cilek and Susan Richardson for an interesting presentation on voter integrity challenges in MN. Andy has worked tirelessly to improve our system of voting through his work with the MN Voters Alliance. He showed that the Secretary of State actively blocks their efforts and that the law is not adequate to prevent voter fraud. Key areas where fraud occurs is people voting who are prohibited by law: felons who have not completed their sentences, non-citizens and persons under guardianship who are not able to make decisions due to mental incapacity. In addition, same day voter registrations are not confirmed eligible until after votes are counted making a case for provisional ballots. Frequently these voters have given fake addresses. Susan went over the main issues in the historic ISD #833 Bond Question #2 court challenge showing how the canvassing board and judge did not follow the law in reviewing ballots. 

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