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Reigning in the Federal Government – one solution

2016 May 16
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Steve Davidson with Citizens for Self-Government spoke to the group in May about the process to bring about an Article V convention of states (also called an amendments convention). House File 362 has been introduced into the Minnesota Legislature asking them to pass a resolution for an Article V application. It’s in the Government Operations and Elections Committee. 2/3’s of the State Legislatures must approve it (34 states) for Congress to set a date. Each State legislature would appoint 1 delegate. The convention applications must all be on the same subject.

There is more to it but basically this is a solution provided by the founders to problems like the “run-away government” which we see so much of today what with $19 TRILLION in debt and $142 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. The process of bringing about the convention will of itself engender discussion, education and hopefully understanding as to why some adjustments must be made to reign in our federal government. Amendments approved by a convention would then move to the ratification process needing approval in 2/3rds of the States to be added to the Constitution.  Do you know a representative who would consider supporting this bill?

A book recommended to gain a greater understanding of this process is The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.

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