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Legislative Session 2016 wrap up

2016 June 13
by WCR President Linda Stanton

We express thanks to Mike Hickey of the Nat. Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for speaking to the group. NFIB is the largest small business group in the US which was begun in 1945 and has 11, 000 members in Minnesota. In wrapping up the 2016 MN Legislative Session, Mike felt that “divided government” worked in our favor. The commercial property tax exemption for small business was an important part of the tax bill but unfortunately the Governor vetoed it. It would have the impact of making Minnesota businesses more competitive. There was also a farmer favorable provision that would shield their large properties from the burden of School Board referendum and other items. The tax bill was the centerpiece of a 2 year effort. Two items that were not included were Federal conformity of taxes re: the estate tax and expensing provisions. There was an interesting question and answer period; too much to summarize here.

We’ll next meet again Sat. Sept. 10, 9-11 am at the Lake Elmo Inn. Consider attending – there is lots to learn!

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