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The importance of the Courts

2016 September 10
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Judge Tad Jude, 10th District Judge spoke to us today of the importance of accountability at all branches of government and how we need to hold all officials accountable. The MN 10th Judicial district is very large consisting of portions of 6 Congressional Districts and 8 Counties, with Anoka being the biggest. There is one contested judicial race this Nov 8 in the Supreme Court between Natalie Hudson and Michelle McDonald. Judicial posts are non-partisan but you can research candidates on line and get some idea of how they might approach a case. The Courthouse at the Government Center in Stillwater has 10 judges and is open to the public (except for juvenile cases). A new emerging issue he is seeing more of is addictions to Opioid prescription drugs which have led people to seek other drugs like Heroin. There was an extensive question and answer session which was fascinating. We are very appreciative of Judge Jude speaking to the group today.


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