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Proven results with targeted early learning scholarships

2016 October 8

Thanks so much to Arthur Rolnick, Sr. Felllow and Co-Dir of the Human Capital Research Collaborative at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, for giving us the background and details on the success of early learning scholarships for low-income, at-risk preschoolers. The research of the Perry preschool longitudinal study found that at-risk kids who received targeted help had increased IQ’s. After 30 years it showed the children needed less special ed, were not held back in grades and, as adults, were able to earn a living, pay taxes and not engage in crime. Other effects is that the parents were motivated to go back to school and take a much greater interest in their schools. The St. Paul project of the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation replicated the results and proved there was an economic return on investment.

Rep Kelly Fenton also explained the constitutional amendment that is on the ballot to “Remove lawmaker power to set their own pay“. She noted that if passed the amendment will not mean IF there is a pay increase for the Legislature, but HOW MUCH. It would take away accountability to the voters when Legislators vote to increase their pay. When the DFL controlled both House, Senate and Executive branches they voted a pay increase and got a lot of grief from their constituents so they cooked up this amendment! On it’s face it sounds sensible but it isn’t. It is recommended to vote NO.

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