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The Wedge of Health Freedom

2017 February 11
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Twila Brase, Citizens Council on Health Freedom, addressed the group today. CCHF has a very big national presence now with a “Health Freedom Minute” on 800 stations across the Country. Repeal of the ACA seems to have slowed down so on Feb 15 they are having a second “NATIONAL CALL INTO CONGRESS” to ask “Where’s the Bill? – Repeal it all, repeal it now and do not delay”.  Steps are moving forward through the passing of a budget resolution. Tom Price, the new HHS secretary has a 56 word repeal language that could be used.

In the meantime, CCHF is working on ways to get care and freedom (not just coverage). One project is to de-link Medicare and Social Security – because now if an eligible retiree wants to refuse Medicare they lose their social security benefits.  Another project is to provide tax equity for those purchasing individual plans – so that insurance would be owned individually and not be tied to an employer (which creates pre-existing conditions when a person changes jobs).

A growing movement is paying for care directly from a provider by check, cash or charge and avoiding the government regulations and interference that is driving doctors out of practice. To find a direct primary care practice or fee for service provider go to You can also encourage your MD to consider opting out by educating them about the Wedge next time you see them.


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