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Retired Marine Uncut

2017 March 14
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Larry Walzer, retired Lt. Col. US Marines, spoke to our group in March. The Marines have a lot to be proud of: today’s Marines are as strong, fast, and dedicated as ever.  Today’s Marines join to fight and are doing a great job! Lessons that Larry learned from his 22 year career in the Marines: This isn’t Burger King – you can’t have it your way, right away in the Marines. You also can’t have it your way, right away in the world either. Look at how long US troops have been in Korea – 70 years.

Another lesson learned is: Hope is not a course of action. A lot of effort is put into the military planning process to make the best decisions. The result in Iraq and Afghanistan also depended upon the ability of their people with the variety of culture, religion and ethnic conflict to be successful.

Question the narrative: Comparing to other oxymoronic phrases like “smart tax”, “affordable care act” terms like “responsible withdrawal” was used to describe how we left Iraq. Another one is “extreme vetting” – is this even possible? We fight with one hand and bring the bad guys in with the other hand.

We thank Larry to speaking to us and for his service to keep Americans safe!

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