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Freedom Foundation on Ranked Choice Voting and Elections

2023 November 4
by WCR President Linda Stanton

Today we learned that Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is VERY confusing. It also disenfranchises voters and has the opposite effect from what promoters claim it would do. But don’t take my word for it, go to the Freedom Foundation, and download their study of RCV to find out the details.

Many thanks to Annette Meeks who spoke to our group today. We definitely got into the weeds as we tried to understand a complicated, incomprehensible voting method that some areas around the country have already begun to repeal. Annette has testified at the Capital for many years and explained that the promoters of RCV have lots of money and lots of lobbyists. However, this year even MN Secretary of State, Steve Simon, advised that with the passing of MN’s participation in the National Popular Vote compact (NPV) having RCV would be incompatible as all States must have the same process for tabulation of votes and RCV would change that.

Here is the link to the report:

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